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Star Sailor Power, LLC was selected as a 2016 NewCo Company for developing and commercializing patented energy harvesting, non-electrolytic power storage, motorless motion and on-demand power technologies. The 2015 spin-off of Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is integrating motorless motion and non-electrolytic power storage technology demonstrators in Star Sailor Wind's turbines, robotic arms and small sat structures.

The revolutionary technology utilizes new materials and intelligent systems to create unique opportunities for highly-efficient robotics and automation systems as well as a new era for electric vehicles, satellites and finally establishing wind turbine technologies as the 24/7 power sources they can be.

New technologies for a new age.

The first in high-density lightweight, energy-harvesting, scalable power storage
and motorless motion.

The Audacity of Innovation & the Innovationist Handbook™

Star Sailor Power, LLC. was a 2016 NewCo participant, recognized for innovation in energy storage and on-demand power for electric vehicles and aerospace.

The event program was led by Dr. Rai Menges, the author of the Innovationist Handbook and
founder of Star Sailor Power.

Dr. Menges is a long recognized innovator and NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Fellow. The philosophy and psychology of innovation and its importance to not just business, but society were central themes. The idea that innovation is a natural response to challenges and has a long history over hundreds of years as concept and even social movement. Most importantly is Menges' assertion that sustainable technologies are key to true innovation.

The NewCo Cincinnati event was attended by representatives of NASA Ames, Wood and Lamping, LLP., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and financial and technology professionals from the US and Canada.

Star Sailor Power's engineers and researchers are recognized subject matter experts (SME) and have an average of twenty-years of experience.

SSP invested in state of the art equipment as well as designing new instruments and equipment to meet the needs of its cutting edge technology.

Board of Directors

Dr .P. Rai Menges
Mr. Lance White
Mr. James B. Harrison, Esquire
Senior Advisory Council

Dr. Thomas M. Edwards
Dr. Awatef Hamed
Mr. Mel Duran


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