Aerospace Power

21st century vehicle technology and exploration systems have created new requirements in aerospace power providing unique opportunities for Star Sailor Power’s patented technologies. Until now, space power storage and generation has relied on chemical batteries and solar technologies. Star Sailor Power’s energy storage technologies not only store power from solar arrays and other renewable sources, but harvest energy from their environment. Further, the new power storage systems are lightweight and are not subject to issues surrounding battery stack failures, fires and explosions. The longer life design increases reliability and improves overall thermal management and safety.

Earlier this year Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) formed the virtual Space Power Laboratory Consortium and will now be joined by Star Sailor Power. The growing consortium is establishing graduate studies grants and internships.

Over the next few months, the Space Power Laboratory will build a network with access to ARSI’s extensive data base on diverse spacecraft technologies and developmental systems. The virtual laboratory will be supported by ARSI’s Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory, prototyping facility and the Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane Simulation Group.

Space power and the future of commercial space

Star Sailor Power’s power technologies are described by Mel Duran, COO Jemez Technology, "as a potential game changer in energy storage and on-demand power for space, renewables and electric vehicles." Mr. Duran is the former Group Leader of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Space Sciences and Engineering Group and he is a member of Star Sailor Power’s Sr. Advisory Council.

Power for vehicles as we don’t know them

Star Sailor Power has assembled world class engineers and scientists to to develop a new class of power for advanced and revolutionary flight systems. The new approach to power storage and generation incorporates ARSI’s advanced intelligent structures technology.