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Star Sailor Power revolutionizes space power

The first commercial hypersonic launch vehicle/UAV conceptualized by ARS in 2000

Star Sailor Power is partnering with Aerospace Research Systems, LLC. (ARS) to develop an energy harvesting robotic arm for use on a new generation of highly energy efficient satellites. The motorless motion technology being developed by Star Sailor Power has unique capabilities to harvest and store energy without batteries.

The field of space power and spacecraft electrical power subsystem (EPS) design is an evolving field as new technologies come to the foray of space systems. Extraordinary improvements in battery technology have provided increasingly longer mission duration. New concepts in mechanical systems, smart materials and multifunctional structures are offering new non-electrolytic power sources. Star Sailor Power is at the foray of these new technologies with its patented motorless motion and on-demand power modules.

Star Sailor Power to power wind turbines when there is no or low-wind

Star Sailor Power is partnering with Star Sailor Wind, the newest member of the Star Sailor Group, to power wind turbine generators at periods of no and no-wind. A first in the wind industry, 24/7 power.


One of the most significant breakthroughs in renewable and wind energy revolutionizes wind power for small and large applications.

Star Sailor Energy's goal of creating an integrated renewable energy technology portfolio is complete with "Power's" new motorless motion and on-demand power modules. A decade of innovation, revolutionary inventions and dedication to sustainability through good practice, has produced one of the most successful collaborations in US.

Now Star Sailor Wind LLC. in partnership with Star Sailor Power, will offer the first wind turbines with a limited lifetime rotor warranty and an on-demand power option producing the first continuous power wind products and includes the Star Sailor Wind UPS Hybrid Self-Powered platforms.


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