Reliable power storage has been identified as a key component of US national technology security and economic infrastructures. The primary factor in the development of power storage technologies has been requirement for diversification to reduce reliance on conventional electrolytic systems, improve access to energy produced by renewable sources and to increase competitiveness and innovation reducing US reliance on foreign resources.

Star Sailor Power LLC is a spin-off of Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and is dedicated to developing and commercializing patented power storage and on-demand power technologies.

Star Sailor Power’s patented power storage technology offers direct opportunities for “charging” from renewable resources, but also energy harvesting from the environment. The mechanical storage system provides lightweight, scalable power storage with low conversion losses and a decades of non-expiring power storage capacity.

Star Sailor Power’s solutions for power storage and on-demand power provide a complete solutions for challenges in renewable energy, automation, critical power and UPS, and DC power and microgrid systems on Earth and in Space.

Powering a new age of sensors and intelligent materials

From complex engine monitoring to intelligent and multifunctional structures, the new power requirements of advanced technologies demand a new approach and revolutionary solutions. Star Sailor Power storage and on-demand systems offer a completely new approach to critical power for sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new era of intelligent materials and structures. Completing the first accessible integrated solution for power and storage.