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Star Sailor Power Technology:The innovation of power for electric vehicles, robots, satellites, aircraft, powered networks and the Internet of Things

Reliable power storage is key component of advanced technology, energy security and economic infrastructures. The primary factor in the development of power storage and motorless motion technologies has been to reduce reliance on conventional batteries and power drive systems, improve utilization of renewables, increase competitiveness and innovation reducing US reliance on foreign energy resources.

Benefits of Star Sailor Power Technology & Light-Weighting Power Storage:

- Significantly reduced reliance on electrolytic energy (battery) storage,
- Motorless motion: Lightweight, Improved efficiencies in mass & volume over current power drives, motors and batteries,
- Energy harvesting from the environment (solar, wind, thermal, mechanical, vibration),
- Ability to augment operation of existing motors and drives,
- Start-up of induction motors & wind turbine generators (power with no or low-wind),
- Direct generation of electricity from motorless motion and mechanical power storage technologies,
- No shelf life, no expiration date, high-vibration and radiation tolerance,
- Scalable,
- And most importantly environmentally secure, safe - no risk of explosion and truly sustainable.

Powering a new age of sensors and intelligent materials

From complex engine monitoring to intelligent systems, the new power requirements of advanced technologies require a new approach and innovative solutions. Star Sailor Power's On-Demand Power Module™ offer a completely new approach to critical power for sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new era of intelligent materials and structures. Completing the first accessible integrated solution for lightweight power and energy storage reducing and potentially eliminating the need for chemical batteries.

Power & automation for a new generation of Small Sats

Space technology has an ever increasing demand for reliable, lightweight power. Star Sailor's On-Demand Power Module™ is paradigm changing technology creating opportunities to to redefine space power for the 21st century.

The growing demand for small and lightweight satellite components offers an unique opportunity to integrate robotic arms and control solar and sensor arrays with Star Sailor Power's On-Demand Power Module™. Ultra-lightweight and energy harvesting technology makes it ideal for small sats and spacecraft of all types.

CubeSat frame. NASA

Star Sailor Power’s patented power storage technology offers direct opportunities for “charging” from renewable resources, but also energy harvesting from the environment. The mechanical storage system provides lightweight, scalable power with low conversion losses and a decades of non-expiring power storage capacity.

One of the greatest challenges for communications and sensor networks is the reliability of power. Most common methods use a variety of technologies for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) including petroleum products. The greatest security comes from the elimination of fuel supplies. Star Sailor technologies have succeeded in creating reliable, rugged power for remote, off-the-grid (OTG), mobile, microgrid, resource management and transportation. Visit our sister company, Star Sailor Wind, LLC. and see how our partnership is growing independence and security through independent energy.

Electric drone charging platforms

New electric drones and virtual security systems, require reliable power, Star Sailor "Power's" motorless motion and On-Demand Power Module™ are being integrated to electric drone charging stations supporting solar arrays, antennas, cameras and generators for secondary power.  


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